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    The Blue Miners Army are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Blue Miners Army of Club Penguin was createdin August 28th, 2010 by Ioioluk. The Blue Miners Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. Like all other armies we have a nation, a government, and of course a chat! We hope you have a great time in the Blue Miners and experiencing our site.
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The Closure of BMA Forever.

***  DISCLAIMER: The Blue Miners Army has been dead since September of 2015. Any other version of revival of the army is to be classified as false. This is the one and only official Blue Miners Army. No one is to revive or recreate the Blue Miners Army unless permission granted by DrMatt. This Army is to remain dead only to be remembered as the underdog and very memorable generations.   – 2021

Hello Miners,

Today, I herby close the Blue Miners Army forever. This is very hard and very sad for me to do but we had no choice. BMA has been blocked all over on CP and saying “MINERS BLUE TEAM” wasn’t helping us so we had no choice but to end this army.

It has been an amazing few months. This has been the greatest BMA generation ever created. We have accomplished and broke so many BMA records. We made it to the LC semi finals,maxed 50+ and made it into the top 5 on cpac. I seriously had a lot of fun leading BMA until the end.

As recreator and former leader/legend, I do not give anyone permission to recreate the Blue Miners Army. This army is to stay dead forever. BMA will always live in our hearts and BMA will always be known for that army who proved everyone wrong this summer. We came back stronger as ever and everyone in the army who doubt us were wrong.

If you want to join all the BMA crew in Pirates. Feel free to come and join and help another beautiful recreated army rise.

So for one last time,


Troops were messed up due to bot invasions.





The Roblox Movement


Today Club Penguin officially announced there new upcoming top secret project. This project is called Club Penguin Island or CP Next. This will be released early 2017. This is the END of armies whether you all like it or not.

CP Islands Link: https://www.clubpenguin-island.com/

It’s time to move on from Club Penguin. It’s time to engage in a better future for us. Yes Club Penguin armies will always be in our hearts but it is now time too change.

Below will be an updated version of my former post, “The Roblox Concept”

It is almost near the end of 2016 and Club Penguin has officially cancelled all of our recruiting methods. Over the course of the year Club Penguin armies have declined and we are on our true final days. CPNext is happening within early 2017 and it seems as if it’s impossible for armies to even exist. It is time to change. Change game platforms and I feel that our best option is Roblox.

I get it, CP Armies are CP Armies, but CP Armies are ending. We will always cherish our CP Army memories and we will always never forget CP Armies as a whole.  Now it’s time for a updated version of how Roblox works.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is another online game for kids. You could literally do anything you want in Roblox. Want to create games? They have it. Want to create clothes? They have it. Want to create clans? They have it. The only thing with Roblox is that you have to download it to play it. But literally everyone plays it. Roblox is on Windows,Mac, Iphone,Android, etc. Roblox is free to play as well.


See that picture is a preview of the games from the military genre on Roblox. Roblox has literally every type of game drama you could think of. Roleplays? They have that. Military? They have that. Town and City? They have that. Promise me when I say they have everything,because they do. Now how after briefly explaining Roblox, let me explain how it will benefit us. Ps. There is so much more to Roblox but it’ll take up this whole post.

How Could Roblox Benefit Us?

Well if we were to move to Roblox, we’d have groups for armies. To create a group on roblox, it only cost 100 robux which isn’t much on Roblox. In the group, your allowed to put a description of your army. Your also allowed to have allies and enemies. You are also allowed to have games, where you guys would put your bases. Lets say for example the Blue Miners Army’s capital is Ice Box. You would create a game and make it a base and call it “Blue Miners Army: Fort Ice Box”. Also Roblox games can hold up too 100 people.The only problem with creating a game for your base is that you would need to learn how to script/build on Roblox. That is a tad difficult to do. Now creating uniforms on Roblox is much easier than scripting/building. A lot of all of the GFX people in the community would probably catch on with Scripting/Building and Creating Uniforms.

The ranking system in a Roblox group is much more organized than the ranking systems we have.


This is the ranking system from a group called the “Vortex Security” on Roblox. The only problem is that there could only be 1 leader unless you make a 2nd rank for co leaders or just leaders. You could also group shout in the group and also talk on a group wall. I do believe that we will still use xat chats if we do move to another platform or to Roblox.

How Would We Recruit?

Well, there is no auto typing or bot recruiting on Roblox. The way you get people to join your group is buy sending a message to them asking them to join the army/group and giving a description about it. You can put advertisements up on Roblox, yes that is true. You can pay a certain amount of tickets/robux to put up a banner for your group.

You could have up to 100k people in your group. There are some groups that have 50k, 100k and so much more. If we all moved to Roblox and created groups for our armies right away. We’d all have 100 and up right away. You may comment on games about your group as well. It’s basically advertising.

How would we Advertise?

In Roblox, you could actually kill other players. You could kill them by a gun, a sword, rocket launcher, etc. If we do go to Roblox and we all have forts and bases. We would use our servers and make them into bases. For example. If BMA had 5 servers like Icebox,Blizzard,White out,Slushy,Icicle, etc. They would make 1 base for each server so like “Fort Ice Box” or “Fort Blizzard”. I do believe in Roblox you could have allies and enemies in the group and in the game. There would be different sections in the game. Like there would be “The BMA” which means your apart of the BMA group, and then there would be a section for “Neutral” which would mean your watching/ not taking sides and then there is “Enemies” which would stand for the enemy group.

The way a side would win, would be if the enemies took the other teams flag. It’s almost like capture the flag. Size in this case wouldn’t exactly matter. In some bases they have a timer. So if the enemy team doesn’t get the flag/base in a half hour they lose, but if they do and last till 30 minutes, then they win. We could also use the method of If an Enemy wins the base, they also win the server. Like if BMA beat idk, ACP’s Fort Blank. They’d earn the server.

What Would Happen To Our Sites + Chat?

Well, you could still use your sites to post information like declaring war, events etc. You could still use it every way like you did when we were on Club Penguin. Also we will always use xat chats still. So basically Site and Chat wouldn’t really matter tbh.

Also I’m sure if we did move to Roblox, CPAC would form a new method for having the Top Tens. I’m not really sure how the Top Ten method would work out but CPAC could still post daily about the stuff going on in the Community.

The Conclusion

This is what Roblox is. I hope you all join me in the Roblox movement and by the end of December we will move onto Roblox Armies.

Well I hope you all got an idea of what Roblox is and how it could benefit us when CP armies finally go.  I just want to say that even if CPNext doesn’t happen or it happens to just the Ios people. CP will eventually block all of our lines. BMA had lines one day and they got blocked within hours. Eventually recruiting on CP will die out and I don’t really know other ways to recruit. So eventually we will have to move to another platform.

I just also want to say that this is an idea for the future. I’m not talking about this happening now. This could happen whenever CP blocks all of our lines and there’s no more methods of recruiting for Club Penguin. We will always be known as Club Penguin Armies. Nothing could replace the age of Club Penguin Armies, but like I said we will have to eventually move on to another platform, because CP will end us. I really hope this post helped you guys get a better look at what would happen if we moved to Roblox. I got this idea from after reading the COC post on CPAC.  If you guys want to learn more about Roblox, please look at the trailer below. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Please leave your opinions below or ideas.

*This is an old trailer but it still explains what Roblox is.

Fake BMA created by EPengo.

Hello to anyone who is reading this post.

My name is Flen, and I’m the former leader of this army. Earlier today (07.10.16), Myself and Matt were reported that a BMA was re-created by EPengo.

Well, no. BMA is dead and cannot be brought back Until DrMatt or Ioio approves. EPENGO’S BMA IS FAKE! DO NOT JOIN IT!

Thanks for reading,

Flen & DrMatt







After a few days with no real answer with whats happening in this army. It is decided that BMA will stay open. BMA will stay open and ranks will be cleared. I am looking for owners and moderators. BMA will use Pirate recruiting lines as Pirates site redirects to BMA.


Temp Retirement of DrMatt – Temp Leaders!

I Won’t make this post to long but yes. Matt is temp retired because he has some probz going on in life.

Being a advisor of BMA & brother of DrMatt. I have hired some templeaders

Temp Leaders: Konrad, Cargo (If he joins back BMA). If any of these 2 are not online or are afk during event Epic & Silent will there there position until they are on chat.


Jacob ~ Xat Help

Retirment of Maνєяιcк/Abhi

This is just to notify you all that Maverick/Abhi has retired from CP Armies. May god bless abhi


 Saturday 7th November, 2015


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Best Fishes ~ Happy B’day, Brother Matthew [~Le Elante]

May GOD bless you alot brother. May all your wishes come true!

Happy B’day Matthew

~Le Elante






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