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    The Blue Miners Army are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Blue Miners Army of Club Penguin was createdin August 28th, 2010 by Ioioluk. The Blue Miners Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. Like all other armies we have a nation, a government, and of course a chat! We hope you have a great time in the Blue Miners and experiencing our site.
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Welcome to the Blue Miners Army legends page!

This page was created to commemorate the distinguished members and honored leaders of the Blue Miners Army. There are three levels of honor: (1) diamond, (2) iron, and (3) coal. Legends of the diamond variety are the very best, the cream of the crop, the Kate Upton tits. Legends of the iron variety are the resolute lieutenants, the brave and the bold, the rock-hard phalli. Legends of the coal variety are really just random BMA members who have been notoriouss enough to be immortalized in BMA history as the scum of the earth.

So without further ado… presented here for the very first time… the various legends of the Blue Miners Army!


Ioioluk, often referred to as the Beloved and Respected Leader, the Father of the People, the Dear Leader of the Blue Miners Army. He is also the Creator as well. He led the Blue Miners Army to great heights back in 2011. He got them 1st on SMAP numerous times with the help of others along the way. Though his generation was short, he achieved a lot of great things.


Joee was one of the first leaders to lead with Ioioluk and Step Up. As the Supreme Advisor, Joee tutored Ioioluk and Step Up in the Art of War (on an online children’s game owned by Disney that is set in Antarctica and involves customizing virtual cartoon penguins). He was a big part of the first generation as he helped lead them to great things.

Step Up 646

Step Up is the Supreme Namer of BMA, former Supreme Commander, and a current General within the army. Step Up is known best for being tutored by God in the Art of War. He also renamed the Blue Army, BMA’s precursor, to the Blue Miners Army. He also attempted to revamp the army with varying success after BMA dissolution and the creation of Ioioluk’s most famous army, the Light Troops. 

RMS Titanic

No one really knows what RMS Titanic did to deserve legend status, other than act as a co-leader during the army’s infancy. For that reason alone RMS is listed as a legend on this page. It is rumored that RMS went on to join the Dark Warriors.


Billy was insane.  He was that crazy. Nevertheless, Billy was one of the most loyal members in BA, BMA, and LT. He was a mod for the longest time and he has been around forever. Billy is the only coal legend and it is for good reason, specifically the one stated above: BILLY IS CRAZY, DON’T MESS WITH BILLY.


The Recreator of the Blue Miners Army. He revived the army on May 27th 2015. He led them to a golden age for 4 months with sizes up to 50+. He also led them into CPAC into the top 5 numerous times and almost got them to the finals of the legends cup. DrMatt worked extremely hard to rise the army and carried the army through tough times. He is legend as for being the best leader that the Blue Miners Army has ever had and for leading the best generation the Blue Miners Army has ever had. He led them to there first actual golden age.


Aqua is known for leading alongside with DrMatt. He led with him from the very start of recreation of BMA. He helped make peace treaties and important plans for the army. He was also a major help to DrMatt by helping him lead during the tough times of DrMatt. He is extremely important to BMA because he helped BMA stick together.

Notable Troops 

Notable troops is for all the troops that had sticked with BMA through good times and hard times. They are also important for there contributes and for being extremely loyal. They all played a major part in the rise of the Blue Miners Army











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